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L'Atelier 2014

L’Atelier emphasizes authentic Cahors Malbec with a hint of modernity, showing a very accessible wine with bright fruit and rustic earthiness.

Fruit selected predominantly from the 4th and 3rd Terrace

•High density planting 12,350 vines/acre (5000 vines/ha)
• 2.6 tons per acre (50 hl/ha)

• Hand harvest between October1st - 13th
• Fermentations in stainless steel tanks
• No barrel ageing 

"L’Atelier refers to the artisan’s ‘workshop’, where skill, creativity and passion make art. Inspired by the diverse palette of Cahors terroirs, Hobbs and Vigouroux craft this wine from the vineyard deftly revealing a Malbec of structure and elegance, singular to these ancient soils."

Growing Season
Spring provided ideal conditions for flowering. Weather-wise, summer was quite autumnal; however, in September the Crocus vineyard sites experienced a sunny, dry Indian summer (with a record number of sunny days), with a marked thermal amplitude, ideal for optimal maturity and vine health.

Tasting Notes
A nearly opaque wine with purple tints, offering a bright and harmonious nose redolent of Morello cherry, black plum and blackberries with a hint of ash and leather. The expansive palate is alive with fresh fig, raspberry and redcurrant finishing with earthy tannins with a touch of freshly cracked pepper. A rustic and well-structured wine, befitting to pair with a variety of cuisines.