The Story of Crocus Wines 

When internationally recognized winemaker Paul Hobbs and 4th generation Cahors vintner Bertrand Gabriel Vigouroux decided to work together, they set out to offer a new interpretation of the Malbec of Cahors, melding modernity and tradition. This collaboration between the new and the old world became Crocus wines, a quest to redefine Malbec in its birthplace.

2007      Bertrand Gabriel Vigouroux traveled to Argentina to understand the global success of Malbec. He learned of Paul Hobbs’ work with Malbec and upon his return home, extended an invitation to Paul to visit.

2008      Paul visits Cahors, despite discovering exciting terroirs, the wines reflected the style of a bygone era; which no longer fit with the expectations of the contemporary market.

2009      Excited to craft a Malbec in its birthplace, Paul decided to work with Bertrand Gabriel Vigouroux as a consultant to bring his modern and innovative approach to the vineyards and winemaking. Paul initiates a general shift towards quality, with attention to detail in the vineyard and winemaking, moving from machine harvesting to hand harvested fruit while instilling cleanliness in the winemaking.

2011      Paul’s vision for the extraordinary potential of Cahors’ unique terroir is confirmed and the partners decide to go a step further and create a joint venture called Crocus. 


Crocus wines take their name from the famed Crocus Sativus flower, prized for producing the spice saffron. The Crocus flower has been grown and harvested in the Cahors region since the 14th century.

crocus sativus flower