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Crocus wines are a quest to redefine Malbec in its birthplace, combining old world, ancient terroirs with new world vision. 


A partnership between Paul Hobbs, internationally renowned winemaker and Malbec specialist, and Bertrand Gabriel Vigouroux, whose family has been producing wine in Cahors, France since the 1880's, Crocus wines redefine Malbec from its birthplace.



When internationally recognized winemaker Paul Hobbs and 4th generation Cahors vintner Bertrand Gabriel Vigouroux decided to work together, they set out to offer a new interpretation of the Malbec of Cahors, melding modernity and tradition.

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Driven by their passion and expertise, Paul Hobbs and Bertrand Gabriel Vigouroux established Crocus to bring about the evolution of Malbec in its birthplace, Cahors. Crocus offers three wines: L'Atelier, Prestige and Grand Vin.

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Crocus wines are composed of Malbec selected from three recognized Cahors terroirs provided by the Massif Central mountains and the meandering Lot river: the Plateau and the 4th and 3rd Terraces located in the Valley.

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With a wine history dating back to Roman times, Cahors is one of the oldest wine regions in France. Paul Hobbs and Bertrand Gabriel Vigouroux allow us to rediscover this region.

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